Sam Pownell


2436 Meloy Rd. Kent, Ohio 44240 – 330-980-0719 –

My Work


  • Electronic Media Production Bachelor’s Degree, Kent State University, Expected Graduation: Fall 2017.

  • High school graduate, Mineral Ridge High School.

Work Experience

  • Producer of “The Agenda” on Kent State’s TV2: Spring semester 2017.

  • Music Supervisor and Associate Producer for Kent State’s TV2 on “The Agenda”: Spring semester 2015 – Fall semester 2016 .

    • Introduced consistant music videos, starting with the first full fledged music video on the show, “The Agenda Rap” at the end of my first semester on the show.

    • Shot, edited and composed the theme for the new show open and have remixed and rearranged the theme for various purposes on the show.

    • Designed, constructed and voiced multiple puppets that have since dominated the narrative of the show.

    • Wrote, directed and/or edited pre recorded sketches or segments on a weekly basis.

    • Writing and acting in live desk segments.

  • Pizza cook at Bricco. (2 years)

Relevant Skills

  • Proficient in Premier. Experience with Avid and Final Cut.

  • Proficient with DSLRs. Experience with dedicated video cameras.

  • Experienced in music production with FL Studio and light experience in other DAWs.

  • Creative Writing.

  • Working in a team.

  • Working under pressure.

Other Experience

  • Co-editor of High School news website. (1 year)

    • Produced and hosted podcasts highlighting local talent for said high school site. (2 years)

    • Organized and DJed a massively successful rave-themed fundraiser dance.

  • Video editor of the school’s daily news/announcements show. (1 year)