I am a filmmaker and music producer. I am attending Kent State for Electronic Media Production and have been producing music in my spare time for six years. I have been involved in media production since high school and I am continuing to gain experience. This site is meant to showcase all notable productions, video or audio, that I have created or contributed to.

​At Kent State, I produce a show called The Agenda. The show was originally a political satire show similar to The Daily Show. But through semesters of producer changes, the show became more of a loosely structured comedy news show. The semesters before I took over as a producer it became more of a show about a show, with plot-lines concerning cast members of the show, but it didn’t feel integrated enough into the live portion of the show. I noticed this and have made a concentrated effort in my producing to make the live portions of the show cohesive with the pre-taped plot-lines. The season isn’t over yet, but I feel I ave done an excellent job creating a continuous story throughout the season while maintaining the integrity of the live portion of the show, without making them feel separate from each other.  

The season I produce can be viewed here.